Weekend at Tune Hotel Makati

Looking for a budget hotel to spend a relaxing day in bed?

Check out Tune Hotels!

Tune Hotels is a chain of limited-service hotels in Asia and United Kingdom. It’s perfect for people who just need a hot shower and a good night’s sleep. Or, if you’re like me, a day or two away from your hectic family and work schedule.

Tune Hotel Makati

As a virtual assistant, I have odd sleeping hours.  So I was looking for a cheap place to get some really good zzzzz’s without travelling very far.  So I checked Agoda to see if there’s something near San Pedro, Laguna to stay in.   The hotels in Alabang are out of the question because they’re expensive.  So I looked at  Makati hotels and found Tune Hotel Makati.

Tune Hotel Makati is the latest branch of Tune Hotels to open here in the Philippines. It opened just last July 17, 2012 and it’s evident once you get into the lobby. Everything just screams new. From the lobby to the room amenities, you’ll get the feeling that they’ve been barely used at all.

What I love most about Tune Hotel room is the bed. You get a five-star bed for 1-star prices!  I must have slept more than 12 hours straight because of this bed.

On the wall opposite the headboard is a Samsung LCD TV with cable. I turned it on the minute I put down my bags on the side table to watch The Food Channel. Good thing that my reservation covered 24-hours of TV.

Tune Hotel Makati - Room Amenities: LCD TV
This will give you an idea who small the room really is. But if you’re there to sleep, who cares?

The bathroom’s of decent size so you can comfortably take a shower.  All Tune Hotel rooms boast of heated power shower and it’s true. But it doesn’t come with toiletries so you have to buy them from the counter along with your towel for P90 or just bring your own.

Tune Hotel Makati Toiletries
Contents of the toiletry kit.

You must be wondering why you should buy toiletries.  Tune Hotels is a different from other hotels in the sense that you only pay for what you need.  Basic room rates start around P600 depending on availability.  This does not include the toiletries, TV,  Aircon, and WiFi.  As I mentioned above, you can purchase a toiletry kit for P90. The rest — TV, aircon time — you have to buy in 12-hour or 24-hour blocks.

Oh and if you plan on going out, you can keep your valuables in the safe under one of the side tables.  Use of the safe is free.


Before I booked my room online through Agoda, I called the hotel and checked their online booking system to see where I can get the best deal. On average, expect to shell out P1400 for a room with toiletries, 24-hour TV, aircon, and WIFI if you WALK-IN. This rate will vary depending on the occupancy rate of the hotel. The more guests they have, the higher their room rates get.

Now, you will get a better deal booking online at their web site.  If you book a double room with the  Cozy Package (12hr A/C + 24hr TV + 24hr Wifi + Towel & toiletries (PH) and add-on 12 hours more of A/C, you will pay P1340.89.  And because you booked it online, you’re guaranteed your room.

But the best deal I found is through Agoda. I booked a room with all amenites — TV, Aircon, and WiFi fr 24 hours + Towel & Toiletries — for $21.25 using Paypal. If you convert that into peso, that’s about P871.25 ($1=P41). And I earned credits/points with Agoda that I can use in my next booking.

Room for Improvement

If there is one thing I hope Tune Hotel can improve on is its doors.  Once you check-in, you will be given a key card (which reminded me of a plain plastic business card  I saw online) to unlock your room.  Then when the light blinks, you have to give it a push. Now, some guests push too hard and I heard it from my room. This happened twice. Perhaps they can make it so that you don’t have to push the room to get in.

But overall,  I recommend Tune Hotel for an affordable staycation alone or with a loved one.

 Tune Hotel Contact Number: 519-0888

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