The Celeteque Habit

For many women, finding the right facial care product is tiring and overwhelming. There are so many beauty brands out there with so many products that claim to really make you look younger and fairer. I have tried different skin care brands over the years but I only found the one I’m sticking with about a month ago.

I am referring to the Celeteque‘s line of facial care products. I received a complete set when I attended Unilab’s Mommy’s Day Out event for mom bloggers at The Linden Suites in Ortigas last October 11.  Since then I have been religiously using each product at least once a day.

Celeteque facial care products
My Celeteque Loot

Celeteque’s Facial Wash with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) is specially designed for sensitive skin  so I had no qualms of using it. It’s non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free. It so mild and because it has NMF, it doesn’t dry my skin like some other products.  And unlike other facial wash brands, it didn’t cause an acne breakout when I used it.

The Celeteque alcohol-free toner doesn’t leave a stinging sensation like other facial toners do. It’s formulated with witch hazel extract, which is wildly used in cosmetics because of its cleansing, non-drying, hypoallergenic, and  soothing properties. I simply enjoy applying it to my face and neck because there’s no pain.

Lastly, I use Celeteque’s Facial Moisturizer with triple moisturizing system. Unlike other moisturizes in the market, this facial moisturizer is water-based and oil-free. It doesn’t leave ANY sticky feeling afterwards.  I even bring it with me when I travel so if I am feeling a bit dry on the face, I simply lather  it and feel instantly refreshed.

My Celeteque loot also included a Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer. I haven’t used it though because I am not sure if it is alright to use it with the regular facial moisturizer that they have or if I should use it instead of that. Maybe beauty bloggers can help me decided on that.

Celeteque moisturizer

For the moment, I one happy and satisfied Celeteque user like my sister. I don’t have any pimples and my friends say I have better skin now.  I even recommended the brand to my pregnant friend because she is looking for skin care products that’s safe for pregnant women to use. I told her that all Celeteque products are dermatologist tested and designed for sensitive skin.

If you haven’t tried Celeteque yet, I suggest you do. The Celeteque Habit is easy to follow: wash, tone &  moisturizer. It’s as simple as turning the bathroom faucet! So start the Celeteque Habit today!

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    • Nica says

      Hi Rochelle, will check these links! But from the first link, it seems that I have to make a trip to Watson’s. :)

    • Nica M. says

      Hi Angelie, as far as I know, they are. But I’m also acne prone. I found that only HBC’s anti acne products work well with my skin. But i will try Human Heart Nature’s products!

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