Jonvic Remulla: Killing is necessary but nothing to be proud of

Remulla caviteThe last time I watched The Bottomline, BoyAbunda’s guest was Aurora’s young and promising congressman, Sonny Angara. I enjoyed the episode very much and even added the congressman on Twitter. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to make a post about the interview. I won’t make the same mistake with today’s guest, Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla. Here are some highlights from this interview.

Who is Governor Jonvic Remulla?

This good looking 43 year old governor is part of the Remulla politcal clan in Cavite. He is in his 2nd year of serving as governor and has considered running for Philippine presidency someday. Not surprising since by his own admission he has always wanted to enter politics. “All governors want to be president,” he says.

If there is one thing that I can say about Cavite’s governor, it’s that he truly loves his job. He loves his job so much that every Monday, you can see him receiving hundreds of people in the Kapitolyo. He would start talking to them as early as 8AM and not leave until he has talked to the last person on the line. A bottom liner from the LGBT community attested to that during the post-interview forum.

Like a true Caviteno, Jonvic prefers Emilio Aguinaldo over Andres Bonifacio.

Even the bad days are good – Governor Jonvic Remulla

 Here are Remulla’s answers to issues:

 On LGBT in Cavite

–  He will stand on stage with the LGBT community. One bottomliner says Remulla calls them his Powerpuff girls.

On the Revillas of Cavite

– They were rivals but he has a good working relationship with Bong Revilla. The latter’s career just took a different course and became a senator

On the Maliksis of Cavite

– He supports the bill they have for Molino because it will be good for Molino. Despite their differences and their apparent rivalry, he believes that there is something good with them because people voted for them.

On his dad

– He’s a tough man in  tough time. Pinaghalong prinsipyo at tapang. Mahirap hanapin sa tao yun. His dad was the only who never bowed down to the notorious criminal, Nardong Putik. When asked whether his dad had Nardong Putik killed, he said: I can’t say that. He was dealt with. Shocking, right? But it was an honest answer and this answer alone made watching the whole interview a time well spent.

Killing is necessary but nothing to be proud of. – Governor Jonvic Remulla

On the migrant population in Cavite

Ninety percent (90%) of the population are migrants. Many choose to settle in Cavite because of three things: the large domestic economy, peace and order, and the province’s proximity to the manila. People will still keep coming to Cavite and Governor Remulla has no plans of driving them away. He says that new people bring energy and dynamism to the province.

On his plans for Cavite

– He plans to create 60,000 jobs in the coming years. He personally goes abroad to entice investors to invest in Cavite. At the moment, he is looking for investors to fund the construction of what would be the largest solar plant in the Philippines.

On the scholars of Cavite

– He has no plans of making the scholars of Cavite a political force. I think being productive citizens (referring to the scholars) is enough for me.

On the anti-political dynasty bill

Yes, political dynasty kamni. The anti-political bill is is anti-intellectual. At the end of the day, democracy still allows people to choose. He

On his brother, Boying Remulla

Si Boying ang pinakamatalino, pinakamtiyaga. His interpretation of events is uncanny as compared to mine. I always defer to him for political decisions.

 On his brother, Gilbert Remulla

– He reveals that they have plans of staging Gilbert’s comeback as congressman.

I don’t think that I did justice to documenting the interview but I do hope that you still got a good idea on what kind of a public servant Jonvic Remulla is.

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