A Traveler’s Guide to Burot Beach

As of this writing, Burot Beach is one of the hidden treasures of Calatagan, Batangas. It’s an undeveloped beach situated about 20-30 minutes away from the town proper. It’s sand, though not as fine as the sands of Boracay, is white and adorned by white seashells.

It’s cool blue waters is a sight for the sore eyes and would captivate anyone who loves to be outdoors. However, it’s not for the extreme sportsman. The water remained calm and shallow during our stay. It’s so shallow that kids can be said wading about at least 10 meters from the shore. So while it may not be perfect for those who like to swim, it’s definitely ideal for those who just want to submerge themselves in water and bask in the blazing glory of the sun.

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How to get there

Burot Beach is about 2 to 3 hours from the Pasay terminal, depending on the traffic.Though it would definitely be less stressful to bring your own vehicle, it would take you far longer to get to the this place since I noticed that the driver passed by subdivisions on our way there. Thus, I really think that we made a good decision to commute.

If you would like to commute too, make your way to the terminal station near Metropoint Mall. It’s not actually in the mall itself but beside the 24-hour McDonald’s. The vans going to Calatagan and Balayan are in the back of the terminal so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see them parked at front. The fare to Calatagan is P180 each.

TIP #1: Be there as early as 4:00. According to barker and the drivers, the first trip to Calatagan leaves a little after four during the weekends. Apparently, a lot of tired city dwellers make their way to this beach destination every weekend.

You will alight at the Calatagan public market. It’s a small market but it’s very clean. If you suddenly realized that you don’t have plastic cups or that you have an inadequate food supply, you can definitely do your shopping in here. I recommend checking out their fresh produce section. We were able to buy a half kilo of fresh squid for only 50 pesos.

Once you’re done with your shopping, you can hire one of the tricycles to take you to Burot Beach. A tricycle can hold only five people, including the driver, but you can squeeze in five if one is small enough to fit into the seat usually reserved for kids. The driver charged us P35 each for the trip to Burot Beach.

Tip#2 Ask your driver to pick you up at a certain time so you don’t have to worry about going back to the town. We asked ours to pick us between 3:30 to 4:00AM so we can catch the first trip to Manila. Because of the hour, he charged us an extra P15 each person for the trip.


If you’re looking for a leisurely beach experience, this is not the place to go. There are no rooms  available in the beach though there are rundown room-like structures near the entrance.  You will have to rent one of the tables for P300 and one of the nipa huts for P500. This is mighty expensive if you ask me since what you get is basically a table with benches and a roof. There are no walls of any form and if you want to stay overnight, you will have to suffer sleeping one of the benches.

For the happy camper, you can pitch a tent and spend the night here. They also rent out tents for P300 in case you decided to stay overnight and had nothing to sleep on. We decided not to rent though and just risk getting bitten by mosquitoes. Fortunately, our small camp fire kept the bugs away and we enjoyed sleeping outdoors… except for one who’s afraid of geckos. We had one noisy gecko in our hut and it sung to us the whole night.

Tip#3: Bring a malong or sleeping bag and sleep on the beach. You will have the pleasure of having the stars as your lampshade.

By the way, don’t forget that you will still have to pay an entrance fee to the beach. We paid P150 per head to be able to stay in Burot Beach. Again, this is a holdup considering that there was barely any maintenance done on the place and there wasn’t electricity. The sole functioning bathroom is too small and dirty so I suggest that you don’t take sensa or any other weight loss product when you go there. Otherwise, you’d have a terrible time trying to do your thing in the bathroom, which we know to be a side effect of taking dietary supplements.

Flora and Fauna

There aren’t any ostentatious flower, tree or animal in Burot Beach. In fact, the only land animals I saw were the guard dogs of the caretaker. There was  gecko in our hut but I never saw it.

Be careful though when you start to wade in the water. There are small and large starfishes that you might step on. But consider yourself lucky if you stepped on a starfish because there are sea urchins around! Ouch!

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The Future of Burot Beach

According to the caretaker, someone bought the beach and will develop it starting this year. If it’s true that it’s Henry Sy who bought the place, it’s reasonable to expect a high-end, expensive beach resort. Thank goodness I’ve visited this place before it becomes too expensive for my wallet.

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  1. ellen says

    Hi Nica, thanks for the info.I’m so glad I found your blog.My friends & I are going to Burot Beach this sunday. I just want to ask if the entrance fee for day tour is still 60 pesos? Thanks:)

  2. Alexis says

    wow.. thanks for the info.. im so happy the beach is still open for the public. yey! excited to go there this May..

  3. wako says

    hi! we’re planning to go there tomorrow, yup, so soon. :) we’re scared that it might be closed since there are blogs saying that it’s gonna be close and henry sy bought it and other stuff like that. i was hoping that maybe this rumors are untrue. do you happen know if it’s still open or not? thank you so much! we hope you can help us. thank you again. :)

    • Nica M. says

      Hi Wako! How di your trip go? The best thing to do is to call the caretaker and confirm the rumors. We heard the same thing so I called and asked if they were still accepting guests.

  4. mitch says

    hi nica! we’re making our thesis right now entitled “revealing the unknown tourist attraction in nearby provinces of manila; the promotion of tourism in the phil.” do you have any contact information sa resort? hope you could help us.thanks.

    • says

      Hi Mitch, I’m sorry but i changed phones and the number for Burot Beach was in my old phone and it’s now forever lost to me. PLus, I heard that Burot Beach isbeing developed into a luxury resort…

  5. Capaustria says

    hi nica, i was looking for this beach resort for a long time.. and now tat i found it parang na sad ako bigla, mukang dinedevelop na nga yung place.. sana hindi pa.. and sana matulungan mo ko kung pano ko makakahanap ng contact sa resort na yun.. tnx

  6. Mona says

    Hello po! Wala po bang news about Burot? I’m telling my friends all about it, and we want to go there, but hearing na iddevelop na siya, baka pag dating namin don, magulat kami sa mga bayarin. Pano po kaya namin masisiguradong ganon pa din burot? hihi. Thanks!

  7. Rona_brion says

    i visited here last march 17 entrance fee 60 pesos and cottage 150 for the whole day.yeah it was owned by henry sy.. maybe next year p daw idevelop yan.. very peaceful ang place..

      • says

        Hi Anna! In our case, we got in touch of the caretaker first before we went there. You can find his number somewhere in the comments above.

    • says

      hi Rona, tumatanggap pa ba sila ng guests? we’re planning to go kse this tuesday which is April 17 for our 50th monthsary :) super ganda kse nung place nung nasearch ko.. ask ko lang kung magkano na yung entrance nila ngayon as well as yung cottages? i’m hoping for your reply. thanks! GODspeed. <3

    • Jealou_rodriguez says


      salamat sa post mu..pupunta kase kami dyan at the end of May..
      do still have the contact number? maigi na kase ung sigurado..Thank You in advance! 😀

  8. JesRrodriguez says

     we’ll be there this Saturday..i can’t wait.. thanks that there is somewhere we can rent a tent..

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