2011 Storm Names for the Philippines

While waiting for Chedeng to make its presence felt, my online friends and I got to talking about storm names and how the Philippines’uses a different naming system for storms. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) names tropical cyclones within the area of its responsibility in alphabetical order and the names are different from the international names of these typhoons. For 2011,  here is the list of typhoon names that PAGASA will be using with their corresponding International typhoon name.

Philippine Typhoons 2011   International Typhoons 2011
Amang   Aere
Bebeng   Songda
Chedeng   Sarika
Dodong   Haima
Egay   Meari
Falcon   Ma-on
Goring   Tokage
Hanna   Nock-ten
Ineng   Muifa
Juaning   Merbok
Kabayan   Nanmadol
Lando   Talas
Mina   Noru
Nonoy   Kulap
Onyok   Roke
Pedring   Sonca
Quiel   Nesat
Ramon   Haitang
Sendong   Nalgae
Tisoy   Banyan
Ursula   Washi
Viring   Pakhar
Weng   Sanvu
Yoyoy   Mawar


Auxiliary Storm Names

It is my understanding that assuming PAGASA gets through from A to Z, it has a set of auxiliary storm names which it will use for the year. Should these auxiliary names not be used for the year 2011, they will be used for next year.

  • Abe
  • Berto
  • Charo
  • Dado
  • Estoy
  • Felion
  • Gening
  • Herman
  • Irma
  • Jaime

Name a storm service, anyone?

I saw a movie where the male lead named a star after his lady love. I think an acquaintance of my friend also did that… Anyway, won’t it be nice to be able to name a storm for a small fee? Sure, it’s not as romantic as naming a star but it doesn’t have to be your lady love your naming a storm after. It could be a friend, your favorite pet, the teacher you don’t like, or your favorite web hosting company (By the way, mine is hostgator).

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  3. Major thanks for the article post. Will read on…

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  5. Thanks for sharing that Philippine Storm Names very much related to my blog Typhoon Dodong. :) If you have time feel free to visit it and find updates on the incoming typhoons in our country.

  6. Pretty informative of yours. I don’t know where you get that one but it’s great info you have there with you.

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  9. Hi, just a correction the International name does not always follow the Local name in the Philippines given by PAGASA. The standard of International name is that it has to reach the Tropical Storm category (65kph) and that is the time Japan Meteorological Agency will assign a “Asian” International Name from the list. While Pagasa is the only Meteorological Agency that give names to a Tropical Depression. While JTWC assign numbers to Tropical Depression example TD 07-W which became Severe Tropical Storm Meari(Falcon). By the way Amang (01-W) was not given an International Name cause it did not reach Tropical Storm. Bebeng was given a International Name Aere. Also all International Name has its own meaning from the country origin of name.pls check this site: http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/jma-eng/jma-center/rsmc-hp-pub-eg/tyname.html

  10. Great articles you have in here. So after falcon goring will be the next.

  11. Nice article!Actually we need this on our school!We were guessing the names of the storms that will pass Philippines.Thanks for this article!You’re a great help to me!:) ^_^

  12. just dropping by to say thank you for the names…

  13. nawa maging maganda na yung weather natin d2 sa philippines…. :)

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  15. prettycutenice says:

    can you give me the places, dates, and casualities in the given names of typhoons….thank you!

    • prettycutenice says:

      can you give it as soon as possible….=)

      • Hi there! This kind of information takes some time of research as well as verification of facts. At the moment, I neither have the time or the inclination to this. But this is a good idea for a post and I will definitely consider it.

        Thanks for reading.

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    places, dates, and casualities in the given names of typhoons….thank you! please put those tnx hehhehhehehhe

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