iHop Mall of Asia

My daughter and I have wanted to eat at iHop since we passed by their Alabang branch about 2 months ago. But we’ve never really had a chance to try it since it’s not easily accessible by public transport. So when we saw their Mall of Asia branch, we decided to try it. Sadly, the food did not live up to the hype. Customer sevice, however, was excellent.

Our Experience

We we’re directed to our seats immediately upon entering the branch’s premises. Each of us, i.e. my, my daughter Gab, and my sister’s partner, Ann, were given a menu to choose from.  I wanted to order a salad but the one I want does not seem like value for money so I opted to go for the Split Decision Breakfast (P325) instead. It consisted of French toast, 2 buttermilk pancakes, 2 slices of cooked bacon, 2 pieces of sausage and 2 sunny side up eggs. Everything was perfectly cooked but my favorite is the sausage because it’s not the kind of sausage I am used to.  It was flavorful.

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Why I Love Blogging

Why is blogging extremely rewarding for you?

This question was posted to a bloggers’ group that I belong to on Facebook. For someone whose current career  was built on blogging, this should have been easy to answer. But  I found myself unable to articulate my thoughts and give a direct answer. Thus, I decided to share my story with you, hoping that it would convey how rewarding blogging has been for me.

My journey starts in May 2008. I was working at least 10 hours a day, six days a week for a BPO. It was the ideal job for a voracious reader since all I had to do was read and write abstracts. But it does not pay well and there’s no growth… I would have to kill more than a handful of people to get a managerial position. Moreover, it was a mentally stressful job that all I wanted to do when I get home is rest. That’s not an option for a single mom like me. I decided to quit. [Read more…]

Negros Trade Fair 2014

Who knew Negros had such sweet delicacies? I certainly didn’t. But after my serendipitous visit at 29th Negros Trade Fair at Glorietta last Saturday, I’m quite excited to know more about the culinary delights of this island.

The first item I bought was the Sugarlandia‘s Buttered Barquiron (Php 80). That’s barquillos filled with polvoron.  It reminded me of my my mom and the days she sold barquirons.  I was in high school then with my cousins and, everyday, we help my mom make polvoron and barquiron so we can sell it at school the next day. A polvoron sold for a peso and I can sell at least a hundred of those in one day. That’s quite easy since I went to a public high school where no less than 70 students were crammed inside a very small classroom. I remember that I sat at the back of the room, near the restroom, and money would be passed from the first row to my desk and the polvoron going the same way. At one time, I was summoned to the faculty room. I was nervous because I thought I did something bad. Turned out that the teachers wanted to buy polvoron from me. LOL.

Barquirom from Sugarlandia of Negros
My daughter loved these!

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