Warning: random musings ahead.

It’s been a while since I attended a party. The last “social” event I went to was a meetup for a freelance group I belong to. I’ve been so used to staying at home, or going out to work cafes, that I seem to have lost my social graces. It’s no wonder to me then that I felt like a fish out of water when I arrived at the Canva Launch Party in A-Space.

It didn’t help that a foreign guy named Clement chatted me up seconds after I entered the room.  (Come on, man! Give me a time to breath! I walked all the way from Ayala MRT station to Legaspi Street!)  He asked, “What are you doing here?”.  I didn’t know how to answer his question because I was just asking myself the same thing. I did manage a socially acceptable reply and that’s when I found out he worked in one of the offices in the building… and that he’s there for the free food… FREE FOOD… not a bad reason at all :)

Thankfully, Kei (the girl who invited me) introduced me to a few girls, one of which I knew from a past event. Then a few old friends arrived and things started to pickup. But after an hour or so I began to get bored. The loud music made conversation challenging and, as I looked around, I began to wonder whether all the animated people can really understand each other. Maybe not. Maybe that’s why they some were handing out their business cards. It’s like they’re saying “Hey, I can’t hear you through the music but I am laughing and smiling at you so you think I can understand what you’re saying. Here’s my business card and hopefully this will help you remember me and add me on Facebook.”

So after getting the freebies and taking photos with the founders of Canva, I bade my little group farewell and launched myself into the streets of Makati, taking comfort in the darkness and silence of the night. It felt so good to breath the un-airconditioned, albeit polluted, air and hear myself think:

I really should try to go out more. I’m turning into a hermit.


Review: Domino’s Pizza – El Molito Alabang

Collage of Domino's Pizza Menu items

My obsession of late is pizza. We make it from scratch at home but I’ve always wanted to try Domino’s Pizza. I just never had the chance to since all branches they have are far from where I live. So imagine just how excited I was when I learned that they had one in El Molito, near Alabang Town Center, and that they’re running a 50% off deal in MetroDeal. Naturally, I bought a voucher.

My daughter and I used that voucher yesterday, June 21. We’re not impressed with what we saw upon entering the store. The place was in disarray; tables and chairs have been rearranged by previous customers and left as such. Three of the five remaining circular tables were not wiped clean. No one was at the cashier. I had to wait two minutes for one of the crew to finally notice me and call the cashier to get my order. Not a good start.

After placing my order, I asked the cashier if I can have the water served already since my daughter is thirsty after our 1 1/2 hour travel. It took them more than five minutes to give us drinking glasses, paper plates, utensils, and table napkins. No water. I asked my daughter to wait and she did so by inspecting the drinking glasses. She found dirt at the bottom of one glass.

I started to get antsy after 15 minutes of waiting. No water has been served and we’re both really hungry a this point. I waited a couple of minutes more before approaching the cashier. I asked her what the usual waiting time is for dine in orders. She told me that our orders are done and they’re ready to serve.

Our Meatzza, Carbonara, and Chocolate Lava Cake arrived after almost 2o minutes of waiting followed by the water and the Apple Crumble Pie. I was delighted with the pizza and my daughter with her meatless carbonaraa. (She did wonder where the ham/bacon was.) The Lava Cake was disappointing. (It’s a pizza place… What can you expect? ) The Apple Crumble Pizza looked nothing like the photo in the menu but tasted good.

While we’re finishing off our orders, there are a couple more “odd” things we noticed:

  • The cashier was always in a hurry when she serves orders. At one point, she was hopping form one foot to another after serving a couple behind us. Charming but not really appropriate behavior when in a dining establishment.
  • The crew in the kitchen area got too loud. They started getting noisy about ten minutes before we left. So much so that they’re drawing the attention of every diner in the store. Yes, I like people to be happy. They certainly sounded like they’re having a lot of fun working together. But if you’re a customer waiting to be served, hearing the crew laugh does not make the waiting any easier.

Truly, I wish that I could focus this review more on the food but our overall experience was not a pleasant one. I guess if you want a Domino’s Pizza, better have it delivered. They promise a 30-minute waiting time and you won’t have drink off dirty glasses.

The Mind Museum: It’ll Blow Your Mind!

Museums have always been a favorite of mine.  Just recently,  my daughter and I visited the Philippine National Museum to celebrate the national museums month with friends.   I love looking at the exhibits but I wished there were more interactive displays.

Enter The Mind museum at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.  Opened in the March 2012, this is the first world-class museum here in the country built by Filipinos for Filipinos.  It aims to help guests understand the role that science plays in our past (Nature Gallery), present, and the future (Universe Gallery) through interactive exhibits.

For me, just seeing the building that houses the museum would be mind blowing enough. The futuristic design conceptualized by Lor Calma & Partners inspires awe. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen before  and it reminds me of  the StarFleet Academy in Star Trek.

But if I have to choose, I would say that I am looking forward to seeing the Mind Movers, the resident scientists of the museum. I grew up reading book after book and I never had a chance to do science experiments in the schools I attended.  But I have always been fascinated with simple science experiments so I am thrilled to see what the Mind Movers are going to demonstrate. I’m also excited for my daughter because I am sure she’ll learn a ton stuff that she can use in school and impress her classmates with. (FYI:  It’s disappointing that my daughter’s school is having their field trip at Enchanted Kingdom instead of an educational institution like the Mind Museum)

And I am also looking forward to the Renaissance Fair happening this November 23-24. I was informed by Lisa at their Blogapalooza booth that a wonderful surprise awaits people participating in the fair on Sunday. Frankly, the opportunity to don a costume and participate in activities during the Renaissance Fair makes me giddy like a school girl (geek out moment). I just love history and I even started a blog on historical fiction so I can share period movies, TV shows and literature that I love.  I just hope I can find the perfect costume!

For more information about The Mind Museum, visit their web site at www.themindmuseum.org



Continue Training in Logic Pro 9 with an Apple Level Two Certification

If you have experience with Logic Pro 9 and have already earned the Level One certification, you become a certified expert in the audio editing software by earning the Level Two certification, available from Apple. This certification exam will validate skills extended from the ones learned through the Level One certification program. As the second level of professional certification, it will represent your ability to work at an advanced level and perform tasks that are specialized by function and content.

Employers will view it as substantial and clients will appreciate anyone who can work swiftly and consummately through the editing process. The certification will represent a higher level of knowledge, specialization, and perfection that can certainly be beneficial to your career. At this point, it is expected that you will be fully aware of the product’s features and have used the software numerous times in creating finished audio products. While the Level One certification gives the complete overview of the application, the Level Two certification will dive deeper into certain features and provide verification of more advanced skills. The Logic 301 course can be taken to ensure you have this knowledge.

Just some of the skills that are validated by this certification are using key commands to customize the interface, managing I/O setups, creating and using markers, using Sculpture to design sound, working more closely with software instruments, and perform advanced MIDI editing. This certification is open to everyone. Even if audio editing is just a hobby or side job, taking the training class and testing your knowledge can speed up the process and improve your skills to create higher quality projects at a faster pace. Whether a student or a professional, whether looking for a job or looking to adapt to an OS X system, this Apple certification may be just the thing you need.


A Traveller’s Guide to Dubdudan-Bita Falls – Tablas, Romblon

Girls at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Dudduban-Bita Falls  is a 7-tiered falls is nestled at the heart of a lush hill. It’s a popular attraction among the people of San Agustin, especially among the teens. I know this because we encountered a group of teenagers on our way to the falls and then another group arrived while we were there.

Here’s a quick video tour of Dubdudan Falls. I hope that this recording will capture what my words cannot describe and photos cannot reveal.

Getting there

From the town proper of San Agustin,  hire a tricycle to take you to Duduban Falls — or what locals call as “busay.” There were five of us and we paid 20 pesos each. It took us to the foot of the mountain and we had to walk for about 10-15 minutes to get to the lowest tier of the falls.

I suggest that you make a deal with your tricycle driver to pick you up at a certain time. It’ll be better this way, especially if you plan to stay until late afternoon in the falls.

What you’ll see

When you get to Level 1, you’ll see a pool of spring water from the falls.  It might look deep but it barely reached 5 feet when we were there so feel free to jump in with your clothes on.

There are two picnic tables where you can put your stuff in. We’re the only people at the area when we arrived so we took the table farthest from the pool.

Picnic Tables in Dubduban-Bita Falls

On the other side of the pool, you’ll see  stairs leading to Level 2 of the falls. We climbed that one and then went down to Level 2, where you can see large rocks. We did not dare go to Level 3 because our friend told us that many locals have slipped and hurt themselves on those rocks.

Surprisingly, the place is clean despite the absence of visible caretakers. I found out that there’s an old man who makes sure that the area is clean. I think he’s also the same person who takes donations for the maintenance of this public attraction. I was not able to verify this because he wasn’t around when we decided to go home. I regretted missing the chance to leave a donation.

What I love about Dubduban Falls

  • It’s Free. Unlike some public coves and beaches, you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy Dubduban Falls.
  • It’s secluded. The trees cover frolickers from the harsh heat of the sun so you can swim to your heart’s content without worrying about sunburn.
  • It’s child-friendly. Because the pool’s not too deep, my daughter was able to swim from one end to another without fear of drowning.  Take note, however, that the area near  the falls itself is deeper than the rest of the pool.
  • It’s good for your skin. Since it’s freshwater, I did not bother showering after we got home. My skin, and that of my daughter, was unusually smooth and soft the next day.

Some tips for you

  • Bring your own water. Though you can drink the water from the spring,it’s best to bring bottled water with you just to be on the safe side.
  • Come with your bathing suits on. There’s no changing room. If you do not like undressing in front of people, then make sure you have your bathing suits underneath your clothes. Or you can just swim in your shorts and shirt because there’s no dress code.
  • Make sure you’ve done your business before you go there. There’s no toilet for peeing or anything else.
  • Bring snacks.  It’s a great place to have a picnic. Just make sure you clean up after yourself. Leave the place as clean as you found it.
  • If you plan on staying for more than a couple of yours, let your textmate know. There’s no cell phone signal in this area.  Obviously, you can’t check in to Foursquare also.

Here are  more photos taken from Dubduban-Bita Falls:

Path to Dubduban-Bita Falls

Path to Dubduban-Bita Falls

Stairs Leading to Level 2 of Dubduban-Bita Falls

Stairs Leading to Level 2 of Dubduban-Bita Falls

Shadows - Gabby at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Shadows - Gabby at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Picnic Tables in Dubduban-Bita Falls

Picnic Tables in Dubduban-Bita Falls

Girls at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Girls at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Enchated at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Enchated at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Girl at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Girl at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Virtual Assistant at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Virtual Assistant at Dubduban-Bita Falls

Path to Dubduban-Bita FallsStairs Leading to Level 2 of Dubduban-Bita FallsShadows - Gabby at Dubduban-Bita FallsPicnic Tables in Dubduban-Bita FallsGirls at Dubduban-Bita FallsEnchated at Dubduban-Bita FallsGirl at Dubduban-Bita FallsVirtual Assistant at Dubduban-Bita Falls


I hope that I was able to give you a good idea of what it’s like to be in Dubduban Falls. If you have questions, just drop a comment below. Please don’t forget to like and/or share this your social networks.